Daya's Quinceanera

January 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Phew!  What a crazy year it's been.  Happy freaking New Year!  I've never been so eager to say goodbye to an entire year before.  Even though it was a year mostly everyone wants to forget, some good things DID happen in 2020.  My husband and I decided to elope in Virginia.  It was a spur of the moment decision and just our style.  It was perfect.  Why don't more people elope!?  We also purchased a 1940s era fixer upper in Norwood, PA (relocating from Wilmington, DE).  Now that I'm super close to Philly, I plan to get out and explore the city and meet some new clients in 2021. 

Here is the last event I captured just a few short weeks before the country shut down and masks became the new norm.  I love the saturated colors and glamorous dresses.  The birthday girl was not camera shy either, which I loved!  We ran off to Longwood Gardens to snap some fun and gorgeous photos.   Birthdays are a bit different now, but they won't always stay this way.  Cheers to once again be able to part-ay!!!!  It will happen.  Stay strong and stay well, my friends.  

Kelsey & Richie's Maternity Session

April 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Spring has officially made its presence known.  There are flowers in bloom everywhere.  And hey, I am NOT complaining!  I am loving this weather.  I met Kelsey and Richie in Historic Odessa for a Mini Maternity Session.  I'm really digging the vibe I get from these photos.  It's a cool, casual vibe.  Even though these are maternity photos, I don't make it all about the belly.  It should really be about the parents too!  One of my favorite photos from this shoot is just the two of them sitting, relaxed in front of a patch of tulips.  Hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I am!

Trzonkowski Family 2019

March 23, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Well, Spring is officially here.  Slightly less chilly than it has been. Spring means, it's time to get back at it.  After a nice well-deserved winter break, it's back to photos. I've been taking photos for Adrienne and Dave for years.  This year, we celebrated the pugs 14th birthday.  Their little sister, Camden keeps things spunky and exciting.  Happy Birthday, Logan & Cash!

Nielsen Family

October 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Well, Fall is in full effect.  Bring on the pumpkin picking, caramel apples, scary movies and bonfires.  It's crisp and the leaves change from green to hues of orange, red and brown.  There is just a whole different feel to Autumn.  Something about it makes you want to snuggle up with the people you love and pump the brakes just a little bit.  Fall is also my busiest time of year.  And I ALWAYS enjoy these photo shoots.  

My first Fall photo shoot was not your typical Fall day.  It was REALLY humid and warm.  The reason for it was to celebrate this special girl's 2nd birthday.  This little firecracker kept me on my toes from start to finish.  What you can't see in these photos is myself covered in sweat and dirt from chasing her around.  She has a whole lot of personality in that tiny little body of hers.  What I loved most about this photo shoot is that it didn't go as planned (not that things ever really do).  Most of the photos from our session were candid.  Which are, personally, my favorite.  Dad was throwing walnuts that fell from the tree at her to get her to giggle.  And Mom is trying to keep her out of meltdown mode.  Despite all the hard work, I'd say it was a success!


Summer Light Painting

July 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Once a month, a photography group I belong to meets to either discuss ideas, business topics or does a shoot.  This time, the main focus of the meeting was "Light Painting".  I've done light painting a few times before.  It's always fun.  The best part about it, is you can get as creative as you want.   You can use different light sources, angles, techniques.  It's a good time!  And everyone's photos look different.  The meeting was hosted by a fellow photographer.  Unfortunately, the only photographers that attended were the hostess and myself.  So we thought, screw it!  We're going to have fun regardless of the turn out.  I had heard about the "Steel Wool Project" a few years back and suggested it to her.  She was all for it!  

First and foremost, you need a few supplies (which most people already have in their house or garage).  You need steel wool, a whisk, rope or bungee cord and a lighter.  You need to do this in a wide open space.  DISCLAIMER: This is dangerous and should only be attempted by a responsible adult in a safe area.  You place the steel wool inside the openings in the whisk and tie rope the end of the handle.  Light the steel wool on fire and being to swing the whisk around on the rope (make sure the rope is a long enough to spin away from you without risk of injury).

Set your camera on a tripod.  To avoid camera shake, use either a timer or remote (I used a timer).  Luckily, my fellow photographer's husband was brave enough to attempt the dangerous portion for us to get these great photos! Of course, after he saw what the first photo looked like, he was pumped to keep going!  Light the steel wool on fire then use the rope to swing the steel wool around.  The direction and angle you use, will determine what your patterns/designs will appear on your camera.  Continue until the fire goes out.  The embers will break off the bundle of steel wool in all different directions.  Wear appropriate shoe wear in case you have to stomp out a rogue ember!

The magic comes from your camera settings.  For those of you who would like to try this at home, my settings are listed below.  Have fun with it!  Would love to see some of your photos!

Steel Wool Photos: ISO 320 24mm f/9 15 sec

Sparkler Portrait: ISO 1250 48mm f/2.8 1/30 sec

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