I consider myself to be pretty versatile in my approach.  I adapt my work to fit my clients' personalities and needs.  When meeting new clients, I try to form a sense of who they are and find out what makes them happy.  Whether it's drama, humor, or charm that they're trying to achieve, I will adapt my technique to fit their needs and strive to give them the photos that they will love.  I also have a habit of being playful when I'm shooting to help clients feel as comfortable as possible and also enjoy our time together as much as I do.  Sometimes that involves me being a little goofy.

My number one priority is to make sure that the client is comfortable, relaxed, and having fun.  Therefore, the client may choose the shooting location, whether it is in their home, a local park, or other special location.

Even though most sessions last about 90 minutes, I don't put a limit on our time together.  I want clients to feel like we accomplished what we wanted to achieve in that session.

Sessions Tips:

When choosing clothing for your photo sessions, it's better to opt for solid clothing, simple patterns, and muted colors.  Try to avoid bold colors, patterns, logos, and text (when possible).  Jeans, khackis, simple dresses, and patterns all photograph well.  

Family groupings should be coordinated, but matching is not always necessary.  Try to stay within the same color tones or choose a few colors that you would like to see throughout the photo.  It's not necessary to wear the same color shirts and pants and even though white is a popular choice for group photos, it tends to wash out skin tones in natural light.